20 citizens of Uzbekistan get frozen in Kazakhstan

20 citizens of Uzbekistan get frozen in Kazakhstan

The Consulate General of Uzbekistan in Aktau (Kazakhstan) reported that on February 11, 2020, a bus traveling en route Samara-Shymkent, with 20 Uzbek citizens among its passengers, got broken on the territory of the Aktobe region. The frozen bus fuel was the reason for the breakage.

The country’s Embassy in Nur-Sultan confirmed the information spread in the media that on February 12, a minibus carrying 19 Uzbek passengers stopped on the Kyzyl-Orda–Pavlodar highway in the Pavlodar region due to a technical breakdown.

No one was injured or needed medical attention in both cases. With the prompt assistance of the traffic police and emergency authorities of Kazakhstan, the vehicles were repaired and continued their journey. 

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