Khokimiyat of Fergana region responds to criticism of governor Sh. Ganiev about campaign against beards, scarves, and reading prayers at work

wearing a beard, headscarves and reading prayer, the press service of the
Khokimiyat reports that the statement of the khokim of the region is primarily
associated with increasing cases when certain groups of people, under the guise
of religion, are trying to destabilize the situation in the country. They first
encourage people to wear a beard, and then send them to fight in Syria.

Will gasoline prices increase after excise tax hike?

Economic analysis showed that the difference in the price of gasoline in the context of excise duty is 167 857 soums. At the same time, the difference in the context of VAT, taking into account the five-percent reduction is 163 043 soum. The total difference in this case is 4 812 soums per ton.