Akmal Burkhanov: state language issues are internal policy of sovereign state

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday that the use of the Russian language in official documentation in Uzbekistan meets the interests of citizens of the Republic. This statement was made regarding the discussion of the draft establishing the priority of the state language in official circles of Uzbekistan.

“In accordance with the existing requests of the Uzbek side, active joint work is being carried out to create a full – fledged Russian language training program in Uzbekistan,” she said.

In her opinion, the preservation of the Russian language in official use fully corresponds to the spirit of history and the modern quality of relations between the countries, and most importantly-the interests of numerous citizens of Uzbekistan, often making a choice in favor of studying or working in Russia.

In addition, Zakharova noted that the majority of residents are against the bill.

Chairman of the National Movement “Yuksalish” Akmal Burkhanov also decided to comment on the statement of Zakharova and wrote his response on his page in the telegram messenger. In his opinion:

1. The state language issue is an internal policy of a sovereign state.

2. The implementation of Russian language programs in cooperation with the Russian Federation expresses a degree of respect for representatives of other nationalities living in Uzbekistan. However, in Uzbekistan, the state language is Uzbek, and it is a legal requirement to conduct workflow in state bodies in the state language.

3. On what basis did Zakharova conclude that the supporters of this bill are a minority, and the Russian language has been completely preserved in official records?

4. Official documentation in the Uzbek language should not affect the dynamics of relations between Uzbekistan and Russia in any way. How legitimate are the arguments of the representative of Russia?

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  1. Another shit has started Russia.

  2. МИД РФ резонно считает, что обязан охранять русский язык по всему миру.

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