Britain considers “enforcement measures” against opponents of LGBT lessons

Britain considers “enforcement measures” against opponents of LGBT lessons

Almost 30 years ago, in 1988, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher passed the gay propaganda act, which banned “propaganda of homosexuality”. 

After so many years, the new government of the Kingdom almost every day issues new laws in support of people with non-traditional orientation. 

According to the BBC, the government has prepared a number of advices for local authorities on how to deal with protests against LGBT lessons.

According to the teachers ‘ organisation, 70% of British schools are under pressure from parents who disagree that their children are being taught “equality lessons.”

To ensure that parents no longer stand with slogans at the school fence, the Ministry of education recommends teachers immediately call the police.

A recent document released by the Ministry of education said that municipalities may consider ” coercive measures against parents taking children away from classes in protest against the curriculum.

The purpose of the document, according to the Ministry — is ” encouraging parents to dialogue with the school instead of protests at the school gates.”

Earlier we wrote about how British girls are afraid to go to school because of gender-neutral toilets.

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