UzAuto Motors comments on price hike

UzAuto Motors comments on price hike

The price hike has been one of the most frequently asked questions from buyers. According to representatives of Uzauto Motors, the price has not changed.

Since the beginning of the year, new Spark, Cobalt and Lacetti cars produced by UzAuto Motors have been equipped with additional options in accordance with world-class technical regulations.

In this regard, the fixed price of these options was added to the price of the car. That is, the price of the car increased slightly since an additional option was installed. This is also provided in clause 2.4 of the sales contract signed between the dealer and the buyer.

Under the terms of the contract, the buyer, if the price of the car (product) changes due to the introduction of additional options, has the right to refuse to accept the product, pay the difference in cost or exchange the product for other models and modifications.

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