Power supply company of Fergana demands debt of deceased person

The Federation of Societies for Consumer Rights Protection of Uzbekistan received an appeal from a resident of the Fergana region, S. Musayev.

In his statement, S. Musayev reported on the unjustified debt for electricity in the amount of 1 million 782 thousand soums to be paid to the regional enterprise for electricity supply. In order to solve this problem, citizen S. Musayev several times appealed to the Bureau of Enforcement, as well as the regional enterprise of electricity supply, but all this was to no avail.

The District department of the Federation decided to take control of the situation. The study showed that an employee of the regional enterprise for power supply “mistakenly”assigned Musayev the subscriber number “075”, which was previously assigned to a man named A. Ismailov, who died 10-15 years ago.

After that, a corresponding request was sent to the power supplying enterprise. The enterprise, having studied this question, agreed to cancel the formed debt.

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