Traffic police fined in Chirokchi was not in a state of intoxication. The driver was accused of libel

Traffic police fined in Chirokchi was not in a state of intoxication. The driver was accused of libel

The information that the senior inspector Nasibli Yarmatov was drunk – was not confirmed. On January 11, he was fined for traffic violations in Chirakchi district of Kashkadarya region.

The Head Department confirmed the data of the Regional Department of Internal Affairs, and provided additional information.

“On January 11, senior inspector of the battalion of Kashkadarya region N. Yarmatov saw that a LABO car (State number 70 J 787 OA) was parked in front of the building of “Mikrokreditbank”, the driver of which ignored the road sign 3.27, and asked the driver of the car Shahrukh Nurimov to show documents.

The driver reported that he was driving without proper documents. The employee drew up an appropriate administrative report against the driver, and the car was placed in the parking lot.

During transportation of the car of the violator, the personal car of the inspector remained in a zone of action of the sign 3.27 located opposite “Mikrokreditbank” with the included emergency alarm system.

Driver Sh Nurimov, came back to the street and turned to the people on the street demanding for action to the inspector and circulated defamatory information among the inspector among the people.

Captain F. Yangiboev, drew up an administrative report against senior Sergeant N. Yarmatov for violating the requirements of paragraph 92 of the “Road Rules”.

Due to the fact that the battery of the Spark was discharged due to the emergency lights left on, he had to be taken away by a tow truck.

In addition, the gathered people accused the traffic police inspector of drinking alcohol and took it on video.

Medical examination conducted on January 11 in Kashkadarya regional drug dispensary also confirmed that N. Yarmatov was not in a state of intoxication”, – the report of the Department of Internal Affairs states.

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  1. Народ красавцы конечно быстро собрались. Другое дело, кажется, водители вымещают злость за штрафы.
    Насчёт медэкспертизы давно такие комиссии сделать независимыми, потому что они подчиненный МВД и что в МВД прикажут то они и пишут, ну и конечно служащие таких комиссий имеют корпоративную лояльность к своим коллегам по цеху.

      1. обычно же на месте проверяют на алкогольное опьянение?? А почему он был в таком состоянии?? Каждый день дежурства их же проверяют на состояние здоровья.

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