Prosecutor General’s office reveals new violations by Gulnara Karimova, amount of damage – $173.9 million

The Prosecutor General’s office and the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan are working together with foreign countries, such as the United States, Switzerland, France, the Russian Federation and Latvia, on the return of criminal proceeds of Karimova G. in the amount of more than $1.3 billion.

As previously reported, in the framework of this work, international structures and citizens received reports of new crimes not covered by the previous investigations of Karimova G. This served as the basis for the initiation of a new criminal case on newly discovered circumstances. 

The investigation established that Karimova G. led a criminal community, creating for this purpose several organized criminal groups consisting of persons close to her.

G. Karimova and her accomplices are already serving court-ordered sentences for crimes committed as part of organized groups.

At present, the investigation established that G. Karimova had another organized criminal group operating at the industrial enterprises of the Republic, which provided her with a share of criminal proceeds.

In addition, Karimova, through pressure and intimidation, forced citizens and owners of various companies to re-register their property to companies controlled by her.

In the framework of the criminal case under investigation, the amount of damage exceeded $165 million and 85 billion soums.

Karimova G. was charged with new crimes related to extortion, embezzlement, entering into a transaction contrary to the interests of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the organization of a criminal community under the relevant articles of the Criminal code.

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