Ravshankhon Djuraev heads Council of World Ethnosport and World Strongman Federation

The Alliance of World Ethnosport and the World Federation of Strongmen (WSF) approved new members of the Council of the two organizations.

By a unanimous decision of the members, Ravshankhon Djuraev – founder and CEO of the Information Agency “UzReport” (Uzbekistan) was appointed Chairman of the Councils of the World ethnosport and the World Strongman Federation.

The first meeting of the new Council with the participation of UNESCO representatives is scheduled for October in Tashkent. The meeting will approve the development program and action plan for 2020-2022.

Ethnosport is a modern folklore form of sport, which is a set of traditional styles of physical activity of different ethnic groups.

The World Strongman Federation is a world-renowned organization in the field of weightlifting. VFS members are 30 countries in the world, including Russia, India, Latvia, Great Britain, Morocco, Brazil, Greece, Hungary, the Netherlands, etc.

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