Khokims will no longer be able to “distribute” cars to whom they want

News about presenting cars by the khokims of the regions to the residents of the country are published by local media almost every day. Traditionally, they provide cars for those people who have born triplets, for over-fulfillment of the plan to collect cotton, talented youth, etc. Often these news are perceived by the public with a negative.

According to the head of the State Budget Department at the Ministry of Finance, from now on khokims can distribute funds only in areas approved by local kengash.

“From now on, khokims can use funds only in areas approved by local kengash. Cases of distribution of houses, cars by khokims often become in the center of attention of the public. Often people ask, at the expense of what budgets these gifts are acquired? Additional revenues of khokimiyats are also funds of the state budget,” said citing the Head of the Ministry of Finance.

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