Muhammad enters top ten most popular names in US among newborns

The name Muhammad entered the top ten most popular names in the United States, according to BabyCenter.

For the first time this name entered the TOP 100 in 2013, and since then has constantly gained popularity.

Muhammad is mainly chosen by Muslim families, in honor of the prophet.

The ranking of the most popular names topped Liam. The most popular name for girls was the name Aliah.

Most popular names for boys

1) Liam

2) Jackson

3) Noah

4) Aiden

5) Grayson

6) Caden

7) Lucas

8) Elijah

9) Oliver

10) Muhammad

Most popular names for girls

1) Sophia

2) Olivia

3) Emma

4) Ava

5) Aria

6) Isabella

7) Amelia

8) Mia

9) Riley

10) Aaliyah

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