Improvement Department steals $35.3 thousand worth electric power

Kashkadarya Regional Department of “Uzenergoinspektsiya” revealed cases of illegal connection to the power grid, violation of electricity meter circuits, connection by consumers to the power grid without technical documentation.

The study revealed that the counter on the building of the Guzar district Khokimiyat was disconnected, but in fact, it was still operating illegally. On this occasion, a protocol was drawn up, and the cost of unaccounted energy was set at 55,896,300 soums ($5,8 thousand).

At the same time, in the city of Karshi, in the course of studies of calculated points of street lighting related to the Karshi city Improvement Department, unauthorized use of electricity without a meter was revealed. According to the results of the audit, a recalculation was made for 335 618 600 soums ($35.3 thousand).

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