Thai king strips his favorite of all titles

Thai king strips his favorite of all titles

The king of Thailand Rama X stripped his favorite Sininat Vongvajirapakdi of all titles and military rank. She was awarded the “noble consort” title in July.

Two months earlier, the monarch had married his fourth wife, the current Queen Suthida Tijay.

The decision was announced on national television. According to the official version, Sininant showed disloyalty and disrespect, intending to “rise to the Queen.”

The recent consort held the military rank of major general, as well as the qualifications of a nurse and bodyguard.

Queen Suthida in the past-a stewardess and Deputy Chief of Security of the monarch – a long-time partner of the head of state, with whom he constantly appears in public.

The message states, the consort had tried to contradict the King and Queen and gave orders on behalf of the monarch.

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