Users of social networks distributed an open letter by the Head of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Health addressed to the Prosecutor General. Next, we present to your attention the content of this letter.

To Prosecutor General of the Republic of Uzbekistan

N. Yuldashev

I respect you very much. I am against corruption in all its manifestations. But I must ask you two questions:

1. How legitimate is it to call all doctors corrupt, while the average salary of drivers of the Prosecutor’s office is higher than the salary of a doctor who has been studying at a university for 10 years, who every day receives people with AIDS, hepatitis, putting their lives at risk.

2.  On December 25, 2019, during the meeting, you accused the entire health sector of corruption, mentioned how the doctor of the Bektemir polyclinic received a bribe of 250 thousand soums ($25).

There are about 500,000 doctors engaged the healthcare sector today, of whom, according to your statement, only 114 have been convicted of corruption, which is 0.02%. How correct is it from this point of view to blame the entire sphere?

Even if you add up all the bribes received by these 114 doctors, the amount will be less than the minimum bribe received by former employees of your institution.

In short, what do I want to say? We are not able to provide doctors with even 2.5 million soums mentioned by U. Inoyatov, so let’s refrain from calling them corrupt.


Head of Legal Department

Health Ministry

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