Unemployment and poverty amid pandemic remains a serious problem even in the most prosperous states. This was stated by Shavkat Mirziyoyev during a video conference on June 3.
According to preliminary estimates, the pandemic can seriously affect the income of about 450 thousand families in Uzbekistan.

Some 540 thousand low-income families so far have received assistance worth over $30 mln.

  • At this time of trials, it is necessary to work in good faith to meet the needs of people, – Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.
    The heads of districts and cities were instructed to develop a list of the most needy families, as well as a plan to get them out of poverty.
    The Ministry of economic development and poverty reduction has been instructed to develop a legal framework for the subsistence minimum and the minimum consumer basket by October 1 this year.
    As quarantine restrictions have eased, more than 17 thousand industrial and 10 thousand construction enterprises resumed their activities. However, most of them have seen cash flows decreased three fold compared to the period before quarantine restrictions.
    The Central Bank is now charged with identifying the problems of enterprises with insufficient turnover and providing them assistance.
    The Ministry of employment and labor relations will soon provide employment to some 265 thousand people.
    Nearly $1 billion were allocated to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic, and around $4 billion to support family business.
    This year, it is planned to employ 145 thousand poor people through the implementation of 7.5 thousand regional projects in industry. In addition, measures have been identified to create more than 31,000 high-income jobs through the launch of 206 large production facilities worth $11 billion.
    It is also planned to allocate 120 thousand hectares released from grain and create a source of income for about 300 thousand families. In addition, 107 projects worth $965 million in cotton and textile clusters will create more than 28 thousand new jobs.
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