Don`t “whine” about small size of scholarship – Kudratkhojaev

UzA published a comment by the rector of the University of Mass Communication and Journalism of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Sh. Kudratkhojaev about the small size of scholarships.

— Because of social problems, we have been living in poverty all this time, and we continue to live this way. The philosophy of poverty has influenced our worldview to some extent over the years.

In developed countries, 80% of people have a higher education diploma. It doesn’t matter if they work or not. This indicator is very low in Uzbekistan. Just realize, the number of private schools in Uzbekistan is growing every year. The cost of education in these schools is about 3.5-4 million soums per month, which is 35 million soums per year. Why do we think that 6 million is a big sum for universities? After all, this amount can be paid in parts.

According to statistics, 63% of students study for three mark. This means that these students do not want to study, they either sleep during lessons or spend time on the Internet. Even if they are given a scholarship of a million soums, they will not change.

We must educate leaders. There is enough work in Tashkent. Let the child sleep less, work more.

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  1. Сам господин Кудратходжаев выучился совершенно бесплатно! И теперь ему с высоты своего положения легко рассуждать про маленький размер стипендий. Ему хорошо известно, что подавляющее большинств о “троечников” – детки богатеньких, для которых “стипендия” – это всего лишь один перекус в модном кафе!

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