Public catering soars in price by 24.9% – Uzbekistan`s Statistics Committee

In November this year, the increase in the average level of consumer prices for the month amounted to 1.7 %. According to the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan, goods and services in the consumer market of the country since the beginning of the year have become more expensive by 13.3%.

In November this year, compared to the corresponding month last year, food products became more expensive by 18.4%, non – food products – by 11.8%, services-by 16.3%.

In annual terms, the prices of bread products increased more than others (25.7%). Next in descending order are meat, poultry and fish (24.0%), eggs (23.4%), dairy products (18.6%), etc.

Public catering prices, compared with November last year, rose by 24.9%.

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