Uzbekistan may toughen quarantine restrictions

The number of new patients infected with Covid-19 is growing every day. How accurate is the information about the planned tightening of quarantine in October? The head of the State Inspectorate for Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision Nurmat Otabekov answered this and other questions.

“First of all, people should understand that no one has canceled quarantine measures in the country. Therefore, the quarantine continues. If you noticed, people have started to forget about recommendations, and the number of new patients had started going up. Consequently, the situation around the coronavirus in the country began to worsen, ” Otabekov said.

He further commented on under which circumstances quarantine measures could be tightened:

“If everyone follows the quarantine measures, we will be able to bring the situation under control. We must remember that the Republican Commission assesses the epidemiological situation before making any decision. If people start to forget about our recommendations, create conditions for the spread of the disease, the Commission will be forced to strengthen the quarantine, ” Otabekov said.

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