Central Bank calls Uzbek currency denomination fake

Information about the introduction of a new monetary unit in the ratio of 10.000:1 from January 1 of the new year has recently been distributed in Facebook. Money on plastic cards will automatically lose four zeros from January 1, 2020. The price of $100 will be equal to 90 soums.

16-year-old boy burns alive in Fergana

2 units of fire equipment were allocated to extinguish the fire. As a result of the operational actions of firefighters, the fire was localized at 05:33 AM, 13 minutes after the call had been received. The building structures of the house on the area of 100 square meters were saved from the fire.

Girl whose childhood was stolen deceives everyone

Greta Thunberg tweeted about her return from Madrid to Stockholm on a “crowded train” and posted a picture of her sitting on the floor surrounded by bags. She was immediately pitied and encouraged. Then in the comments came representatives of the railway company Deutsche Bahn, who said that the girl was traveling first class.