Boliva arrests health minister amid public outcry over ventilator deal

Bolivian prosecutors have launched a probe into potential corruption and fired the country’s health minister over allegations of buying overpriced ventilators, underscoring global challenges avoiding graft amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Allegations of the steep premium paid for the ventilators, bought at $27,683 each, had sparked a backlash against the government in the South American country, which received Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) funding to help pay for the devices.

Bolivia’s state prosecutor said on Wednesday (May 20) that four health ministry officials had been detained over the scandal and that some officials abroad and intermediaries in the deal would also be investigated.

On Wednesday, the health minister Marcelo Navajas was detained in relation to the case, the head of the country’s police special forces told reporters, and was later in the day dismissed from his post.

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