Putin sends his government into “oblivion”

In his address to the Federal Assembly on January 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed a number of amendments into the Constitution.

In accordance with amendments, presidential candidates must live in Russia for at least 25 years.

Two hours after the message, it became known that the government headed by Dmitry Medvedev had resigned.

According to TASS, Dmitry Medvedev, when announcing the resignation of the government, noted that the changes proposed by the Russian President to the Constitution will change the balance of executive, legislative and judicial power.

Medvedev became the absolute record holder in recent Russian history for the time of work at the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers-more than seven years and eight months.

According to Russian media, Vladimir Putin offered Dmitry Medvedev the post of Deputy Chairman of the Security Council. Until the new government is formed, Dmitry Medvedev will remain acting Prime Minister.

The rule that the same person cannot hold the post of President for more than two consecutive terms can be changed, the head of state noted.

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  1. Аналитика говорят о казахском сценарии “Елбасы” в России, нахождение у руля власти до самого конца.

  2. Что значит сценарий “Елбасы”: Путин планирует «уйти, что остаться навсегда» –

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