President Shavkat Mirziyoyev criticized the education sector in Uzbekistan during a video conference held yesterday. He also raised the topic of poverty in the country, the press service reports.

“According to preliminary calculations, 12-15% or 4-5 million of our country’s population live in poverty. This means that their daily income does not exceed 10-13 thousand soums. Or, for example, a family can have both a car and cattle, but if one person gets sick, at least 70% of the family’s income goes to treatment. Can such a family be called prosperous? As President, I am concerned every day about the question: do our people have enough money for such vital needs as food, treatment, education, and clothing for children?”- said the head of the Republic.

Mirziyoyev also criticized the work on the organization of training centers for professions.

“Reducing poverty does not mean increasing wages or benefits, or mass lending. First of all, it is necessary to train the population in professions, increase financial literacy, encourage people to engage in business, improve infrastructure, quality of training and treatment, and introduce a system of targeted benefits, ” the head of state stressed.

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