Uzbekistan`s Anti-Coronavirus Commission has made a decision to tighten the quarantine measures from July 1, as the epidemiological situation in the country has deteriorated. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of HEALTH. In particular:

  • major markets and shopping centers in all regions of the country will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays for sanitary and disinfection works;
  • gatherings of more than three people in public places is banned in the “red” and “yellow” zones from 07.00 am to 11.00 pm;


  • citizens are able to visit medical institutions and pharmacies only for medical check-ups due to poor health or pregnancy;
  • persons who violate the above requirements will be subject to administrative liability in accordance with the established procedure.

Also, public transport in the “red” and “yellow” zones will be suspended on Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition, citizens who arrived from countries with a favorable coronavirus situation will be able to undergo a 14-day quarantine in hotels. Payment for the room is covered by the guests themselves.

For this purpose, hotels included in the list of the State Committee for tourism development will have to sign contracts with the National Guard and medical institutions.

Patients with coronavirus will be divided into three categories:

patients with a mild (asymptomatic) form of coronavirus;

patients with moderate severity of coronavirus;

patients with a severe form of coronavirus.

Since July 5 this year, a new procedure is being introduced for the treatment of patients infected with coronavirus:

  • patients with mild form are allowed to be treated at home on the basis of doctor’s recommendations, sanitary and hygienic rules and necessary conditions for care;
  • patients without symptoms can undergo treatment remotely;

And finally, the population will be tested for antibodies to the coronavirus in private medical and public health institutions.

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