Uzbek citizens will be forced to drink and smoke less

Starting from October 1, minimum wholesale and retail prices for alcoholic beverages (excluding beer) will go up in Uzbekistan.

The new prices were approved by a joint resolution of the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Committee on September 29.

The minimum wholesale and retail prices per 1 liter of finished products will be:

• wine — 9400 / 11200 soums (previously-8600 / 10200 soums);

• cognac — 33000 / 39000 soums (31000 / 36600);

• vodka and other alcoholic beverages— 24000 / 28500 (22000 / 26000).

The last time alcohol prices went up was exactly a year ago.

From October 1, the excise tax on tobacco products will soar by 7%.

In December 2019, the President signed the 2020 Budget Law, which provides for raising excise rates on alcohol and automobile fuel twice — on April 1 and October 1.

The taxes remained unchanged amid the pandemic. The current rates, which were last changed in October 2019, will remain in effect until the end of the year. Tobacco products are an exception.

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