Uzbek passport loses its position in global ranking

Uzbek passport loses its position in global ranking

Since March this year, the Uzbek passport has lost four positions, according to the updated Index of Henley & Partners, which reflects changes in the visa-free regime of the world.

If in March the country was on the 81st line of the rating, six months later it fell to 85th place. The report says that if earlier citizens of Uzbekistan could travel to 58 countries without a visa, now this figure has decreased to 56.

Kazakhstan has the strongest passport in the context of CIS countries (68th place in the ranking) – citizens of this country can visit 75 countries without visas.

The first place in the ranking is occupied by Japan and Singapore. Passports of these countries allow to visit 190 destinations out of 227 possible without a visa. Second place is shared by Germany, Finland and South Korea – 188 visa-free countries. Denmark, Italy and Luxembourg are still on the third line-187 destinations. The UK and the US are still in 6th place-the lowest since 2010. In 2014, both countries ranked 1st in the ranking.

The last, 107-th line of the rating closes Afghanistan, which has a visa-free regime with 25 countries.

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