Uzbekistan to launch production of electric buses by 2022

Bus manufacturer of Uzbekistan, SamAuto has announced the testing of its first electric bus. Specialists will now monitor and study feedback from passengers and drivers, as well as the quality and functionality of the new model.

“The bus on a single charge can drive 300 km, which corresponds to the average daily mileage of a city bus. The full charge takes just 3-4 hours. Electric buses are easy to maintain, silent and require less costs compared to gas and diesel transport,” said Ilkhom Yarashev, Deputy General Director for marketing and sales of SamAuto.

The length of the electric bus is 12 meters, the passenger capacity is 76 people. The electric bus is also equipped with a video surveillance camera and an automatic air conditioning and heating system.

In accordance with the Concept of environmental protection until 2030, at least 50% of public transport in Uzbekistan should switch to alternative fuels in order to reduce the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

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