Residents of Karshi beat woman doctor, as they diagnose biological death of patient

Residents of Karshi beat woman doctor, as they diagnose biological death of patient

The Karsh branch of ambulance received a call from a local resident on October 16, at 08:28 AM, who asked representatives of health care to help the unconscious Sh. G. born in 1967. 

According to the Ministry of health, the appeal was transferred to the ambulance at 08:36 AM, exactly at 08: 42 AM the car was at the patient’s door.

After the doctor and paramedic entered the room, they noticed that the patient’s arms and legs were in a curved state, and the body was already cold. The doctors registered the biological death of the patient. This was reported to the relatives of the deceased by the paramedic.

Relatives of the deceased, hearing the words of the woman, began to kick her. As a result, the paramedic lost consciousness, and the doctor received serious injuries. 

The ambulance driver then took the victims to the regional branch of health care. The paramedic received a closed head injury, as well as a number of other bodily injuries.

As for the deceased, health officials said that he died at least an hour ago. The case of the beating is being scrutinized by the authorities.

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    1. все несут ответственность за всё, даже за собак. Орать “войдод” не обязательно.

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