Tree in Tashkent smashes car

On December 5, a tree fell on the roof of a Gentra car on Chekhov street in Tashkent. This was reported by the owner of the car on her Facebook.

“At about 9: 15 am I parked the car on Chekhov street, near the Bon coffee shop. I went into a coffee shop, bought coffee, went out. I walk quietly to the car, and then saw a tree falling in front of my eyes. There were two guys around there. At some point I was afraid that the tree nailed them. I found out that residents of the house wrote complaints to cut the tree, but ecology service did nothing. The situation is unclear”, – said Hilola Suleymanova, the owner of the car.

Suleymanova noted that she parked the car there, as this is the only place where there is no sign prohibiting stopping.

Опубликовано Hilola Suleymanova Четверг, 5 декабря 2019 г.
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