A Reuters journalist asked the First Deputy Minister of Uzbekistan two questions during a press conference at the Uzbek Foreign Ministry. First, when will the final decision on Uzbekistan’s position on the EEU be announced? The second question concerned the WTO, in particular, which organization would be preferred?

According to Nematov, Uzbekistan is currently a member of about 120 international organizations, including financial institutions, etc. before joining each organization, the pros and cons were taken into account, and only after that, a final decision was made.

“Regarding the EEU and the WTO, the word “choice” is unnecessary here. Negotiations are currently underway to join both organizations. The decision will be made only after we see guarantees to protect the interests of Uzbekistan. The solution must first meet the requirements and interests of the population. This issue will also be carefully worked out by the Parliament, ” Nematov said.

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