Resident of Kashkadarya sets herself on fire

Resident of Kashkadarya sets herself on fire

A resident of the Kashkadarya region set herself on fire near the Prosecutor’s office building. She had decided to do this because of the demolition of her house. UzA with reference to the press service of the Prosecutor’s office reports the following:

— The woman was not injured as a result of self-incineration, her father O. Mustafayev received burns, who tried to help his daughter. He received the necessary medical care. The woman’s actions are provocative.

During the investigation, it became clear that O. Mustafoev without any documents mastered a land plot belonging to a foreign company, where he had built a house for himself.

To resolve this issue, the company appealaed to a court. O. Mustafaev asked the Prosecutor to assist in resolving the issue.

The regional Prosecutor’s office explained Mustafoev that this case is currently being considered by a civil court.

In addition, on February 18 of this year, O. Mustafoev addressed the district Khokimiyat, where he said that he had spent 20 million soums on the construction of his home.

The khokim of the district tried to explain to Mustafoev that he has no legal right to erect a construction on a territory that does not belong to him. Given the difficult financial situation of the family, it was promised to provide them with a land plot in the future. However, Mustafoev rejected this offer.

On February 19, a group consisting of experts and specialists began preparing for the demolition of Mustafoev’s house, after which he and his daughter planned to conduct a self-incineratio’n operation”.

Currently, the circumstances of the case are being thoroughly studied.

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